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Drunken Zombie 177 – Indie Horror Roundtable

We present the first round table episode of Drunken Zombie where I gathered together a few filmmakers, podcasters, and horror fans to talk about an article that has been making the rounds through the indie horror film community titled F*ck You – An Open Letter To The Horror Community.   We talk about what author David Anthony had to say about the horror community and it’s support (or lack there of) of indie horror films.  We also talk about the idea of piracy being a good thing for indie horror with an article titled Piracy Helps Boost Box Office Revenue For Independent Films?  On the round table this episode is:

El Goro  – The Talk Without Rhythm Podcast

Lauren – Anime Boston

John Moore – One Afternoon At The Body Dump

Anjelika Raqs – Anjelika Raqs Fan Page

Rory Abel – Alone

Dave Gibbons – Drunken Zombie



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