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Drunken Zombie Hosting Film Festival!!!!


Last year we screened two great indie horror films. The films being IT’S MY PARTY AND I’LL DIE IF I WANT TO and the world premiere of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. How in the world could we top that? Well we decided if two great indie horror movies were good then a whole weekend has to be better. So while it is our second annual screening it will be the First Annual Drunken Zombie Film Festival. We’re taking open submissions for indie horror films. So if you have created an indie masterpiece or know someone who as then be sure to submit. No submission fees! We are teaming with the Peoria Theater to bring this to you (found at Best part about the Peoria Theater? It’s a Brew and View. Yes you can have some drinks and watch some coeds run for their lives. And this time we’re doing it on the weekend. So you out of town folks have no excuse this time. So mark your calendars! November 6-8. Features and shorts galore. So prepare as Drunken Zombie brings the movies to you!!!!!


  1. This is really Massive news!! Great job DZ!

  2. Awesome, I am so fucking there!!!

  3. All right!! This is super exciting. If you’ll have it, I’d like to submit Zombie Apocalypse to the festival, as well as another terrifying horror short I’m currently producing. Who knows!? Maybe I’ll have another surprise too…

    Can’t wait for the event, guys!!

  4. Mmm… Sounds… Enticing.

  5. I was wondering if you got Bloody Mother Truckers in the mail yet?
    Thanks Klorrified

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